Cocoon is an extraordinary, liquid polymer coating that sprays cobweb-like filaments that form a tough, waterproof, flexible, monolithic membrane that will conform to any surface. Cocoon can be applied as a waterproofing coating on new installations as well as over traditional existing systems. The polymer coating will adhere to most common construction materials. Sunlight, rain, wind and marine atmospheres have little or no effect on Cocoon. These coatings are resistant to water and water vapor and possess a low water absorption rate. Cocoon is relatively non-chalking, available in a wide range of colors and has excellent color retention. Cocoon coatings can be applied to interior and exterior structures to protect against the penetration of water, dust, gas and oil. The tough, flexible web structure ensures the efficient and effective sealing of walls, including wall penetrations, regardless of changes in substrate. Cocoon resists all forms of corrosion and prevents surface deterioration caused by acids, fats, greases and fungi, as well as by chemical laden fumes and vapors.

Cocoon coatings form a monlothic seal highly resistant to impact and abrasion. Cocoon will maintain its integrity despite movement at pipe and duct penetrations or expansion and contraction between walls and ceilings.

Because of the outstanding versatility of Cocoon, it is possible to solve otherwise costly and complicated problems. The unique cobweb-like coating permits the sealing of machinary and equipment, pipe and duct penetrations, and the gas and airtight sealing of any room or structure. Cocoon forms a waterproof and vapor proof barrier in both low temperature and high temperature environments, is resistant to most industrial chemicals, is strong, flexible, jointless and permanent.
Cocoon has provided monolithic seals for most major pharmaceutical manufacturers in plenums, cleanrooms, manufacturing areas, aseptic areas, sterile facilities, animal facilities, containment areas and bio safety laboratories. Provides food or milk processors with a cleanable, long lasting alternative to paint with USDA acceptance. COCOON has been used as a fumigant seal and to contain poisonous gases such as chlorine and phosgene. If you are faced with an unusual seal problem, then COCOON is the proven, expedient solution.