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The following pictures give an idea of the minumum equipment needed to spray most of Andek coatings.

This picture shows a Graco GMAX 5900 which at 5900 max PSI is the minumum requirement for spraying Andek coatings. Some of the coatings require far greater PSI, please refer to the product data sheets for each product, or call the Andek Technical Service Department.
Here we see that the pump and hose have been primed and the gun is ready to have the tip fitted.
This partucular gun has a trigger lock, seen in the center of the picture to prevent potentially dangerous accidents. Simply twist the safety vertical to use the gun.
Different size tips can be used to adjust the spread or fan and help adjust the volume sprayed and the thickness applied.
These pictures show a nice even flow.
The thickness of the applied coating can be measured with a wet mil guage.