1. Where can I obtain Andek Products?
Andek Corporation has a network of building products distributors throughout the United States. Please contact us for a location nearest you.
2. Does Andek offer Warranties on its products?
Warranties are available for many Andek products. Please contact our Customer Service department for details.
3. What is the dry time and/or cure time for Andek products?
The dry time and cure time vary from product to product. Refer to the product data sheets for further information.
4. Can I apply Andek products if rain is imminent?
Yes, if the product is allowed adequate time to dry (usually between 2 to 4 hours). Check with our Customer Service department for more detailed information.
5. Where have Andek products been used?
Refer to Project Profiles to learn how Andek products have been used on a variety of projects.
6. What colors are available?
Refer to the Andek Color Chart or contact our Customer Service department for color availability on specific Andek product. In many cases custom matches and custom colors are available. These may be scanned from a chip or formulated from color coordinates using a compatible L*a*b* program. Our quality control target is to achieve less than one Delta E in any color space.
7. I have a unique problem, can someone analyze it and tell me what product I need?
Andek can provide technical assistance in many forms including laboratory analysis of substrates, visual analysis of digital photographs or sending a technical field representative to a job site to help design a specification.
8. What is Andek's Green Policy
9. Do Andek products comply with Building Code Regulations
In many cases Andek products considerably exceed the minimum requirements for building code compliance. Andek products have been tested by many independent and government agencies including Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, U.S. Labs, N.A.V.S.E.S., S.W.R.I., D.S.E.T., Omega Point, etc. Any test certification is available online or may be emailed directly to the appropriate code officials.
10. Are Architectural Guide specifications available?
Guide specifications are available in Microsoft Word using Construction Specification Institute format to "cut and paste" as necessary.
11. Does Andek Corp produce 120 products?
Actually, Andek produces more than 120 products, many of which are customized private label materials for individual special applications in many interesting (and often bizarre) situations.
12. Where can I learn more about Andek products?
Andek Corporation provides seminars and training programs that are tailored to suit the individual needs of groups that require specialized knowledge including industrial maintenance, historical building restoration, total building envelope waterproofing, etc. These seminars are provided for architects, engineers, contractors, distributors, consultants, and other industry professionals.
13. Can Andek develop a special product for me?
The technical department at Andek Corporation are keen to explore any interesting challenge put forth.
14. Where can I find a skilled professional who can install Andek products?
There are many highly skilled contractors that have been applying Andek products in all types of situations over all of the USA and much of North America. Our Customer Service can put you in touch with any of them.
15. How long has Andek been in business?
Andek Corporation was founded by Harvey Liss in 1973. Prior to founding Andek, he had enjoyed great success in England designing and marketing innovative construction products his customers found very useful. Since its start in the United States, Andek has followed the same path that brought success in England; providing customers with continuous product innovation, individualized product service and support, and excellent value.